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Instructions for use / Care

Our original creations are drawn and made with care by exceptional craftsmen. They are delicate and fragile.
Here are some tips to wear and love them for a long time.


Hand-embroidered in Pakistan with a very ancient savoir-faire, our fine metal embroideries are delicate.
- Neither be machine-washed nor dry-cleaned.
- Avoid all contact with water, acids or alcohol.
- Avoid long exposures to heat and light.
- Stash them away in their little black box!
- A metal thread sticks out? Cut it as short as possible.
- Do not bend.
- Avoid friction (bag straps, seat belt…).

The brooch may tear a hole in some delicate fabrics like silk or leather.

Machine-washed brooches mayday
Because it can happen to the best of us!
Don’t panic, you can mend it:
- Retrieve the two parts that peeled off (it is usually what happens),
- Try to delicately flatten the embroidery between your fingers.
- Gently apply flexible neoprene glue on both parts with a brush.
- When the glue doesn’t stick to your finger anymore, stick the parts back together.
- Tighten firmly with your fingers so as not to crush the embroidery.

For more advice, don't hesitate to contact Marjorie.

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IRON-ON patch

We use a professional iron-on which has been tested by us. Its advantage is that it is very strong once stuck. The disadvantage is that it requires a very hot iron applied with a strong pressure.

- Choose a fabric that can withstand the heat of an iron: cotton, linen, etc.
- Avoid silk, wool, cashmere, synthetics and leather.
Do a test by placing your iron very hot on a non-visible part of your garment and see how the material reacts.

- Do not heat seal our phosphorescent or reflective patches.
- Heat your iron to maximum. An old iron will not perform as well. Do not use a steamer.
- Heat the fabric before placing the patch, cover it with a cotton cloth.
- Press your iron very hard on the covered patch until the glue melts (allow at least 15 seconds).
Be careful not to burn your garment!
- Wait a little until the garment is cooler, then check by gently lifting one edge of the patch with your fingernail to test the bond. If necessary, start again by pressing hard with a very hot iron.
- Turn your garment inside out and press the iron firmly against the back of the fabric again.
- Wait 72 hours for the glue to become fully active.

- Wash your garment inside out, maximum 30°.
- Do not tumble dry or spin dry
- Use a chemical-free detergen
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener
- Do not iron

If your patches are correctly stuck, they will stay fixed when machine washed at 30°. Do not iron the iron-on patch after washing. If necessary, sew a few stitches to consolidate. If heat-sealing isn't possible, you can sew your patch or ask your mum/dad/son to do it!

For more advice and/or help, contact Marjorie.

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Our self-adhesive patches are suitable for surfaces that cannot be heated with an iron: plastics, waterproofs, leathers, down jackets, telephone covers, bicycle helmets, pockets, etc.

- Remove the protective strip from the back of the embroidery.

- Position in the spot of your choice.

- Press and that's it!

The adhesive is permanent. Do not dry clean or put in the washing machine.

For more advice and/or help, contact Marjorie.

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Hats & embroidered ribbons

How to choose the right size hat?
- Take a tape measure
- Position the end of the tape measure in the middle of your forehead and walk around your head.
- Make sure that the tape measure is at the same level at the back of your head as at the front.
- You'll get a number in cm (for example 57 cm) This is your hat size!
At M&L we have three sizes: 56, 57 and 58.

- BRUSHING: from time to time, use a clean brush and brush your felt in small counter-clockwise circles. This will give it more body and make it even softer.
- WASHING: take a steam iron. Place a cotton cloth over the edge and gently iron to flatten the edge. Once flattened, brush well to give the felt more volume.
- WATER: put it down and leave it to dry. Above all, don't rub it. It will look as good as new the next day.
- SPOT: let the spot dry completely and then brush the felt as explained above. 

CAUTION : Our embroidery is fragile.
- Avoid rubbing and water.
- Store them carefully in their pretty cardboard box.

Our cotton grosgrain ribbon is attached to itself by an elegant M&L rivet on one side. The clip on the other side allows you to change the embroidery as you wish.

For more advice and/or help, contact Marjorie.

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