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Payment with Paypal

For the security of your payments, Macon&Lesquoy uses "PayPal", an autonomous credit card payment solution. With this system, payment by card or via a PayPal account is made directly on the PayPal secure server on behalf of Macon&Lesquoy. The customer must also read and validate PayPal's general terms and conditions.

Payment by credit card: cb, visa or mastercard

Through our partner Société Générale and the Sogenactif platform, representing the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB ("GIE CB"), Macon&Lesquoy is a member of the secure remote payment system using "CB" or approved "CB" cards.

Sogenactif's security is based on the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol.

This technology, which uses an encryption key, is the most widely used protocol in the world (more than 80% of commercial sites use SSL).

It is compatible with almost all browsers.

Its role is essentially based on:
- Sealing information relating to the transaction between our Site and our Customer, without the latter having to download or activate additional software.
- The encrypted transport of our Customer's card number to the payment server.
- The protected storage of transaction and payment information on the SOGENACTIF payment server
- A systematic request for authorization with immediate blocking of the transaction from any non-existent, lost or stolen card, reported by the cardholder to his bank.

In addition, Société Générale and the other banks are subject to the PCI-DSS program for "Payment Card Industry - Data Security System

This program establishes standard rules to ensure the security of transaction data on the Internet for all e-commerce players.

It aims to strengthen the security of data for Internet transactions, in particular to prevent the theft of files with card numbers.

Finally, through this membership, Macon&Lesquoy joins the 3D Secure program, which is a secure device designed to strengthen the identification of the cardholder in France during online payment (example: code received by SMS that the user must enter when making the payment). It allows the Internet user to be sure that his payment card will not be used without his knowledge, and the merchant's bank not to receive any unpaid invoices for dispute from the cardholder, as long as the latter has been authenticated at the time of purchase by the Internet user's bank.