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Our new Spring/Summer 2023 collection is a tribute to the pleasure of holidays.

It's an invigorating song about dancing with summer friends, about the love of sun and relaxation.

A light-hearted ode to freedom, long-lasting time and warmth. A salute to the sun, to boredom and to nonchalance.

Our new embroideries are also inspired by the pleasures of the south: aperitifs, ball games, feet in the water, a full day in a swimming costume and head in the stars - a cocktail in hand.

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Our collection is like a painting between pointillism and fauvism of a Mediterranean south that we love through our memories.

Our almost faded images of 60's movies : Le Mépris, La baie des anges, Pierrot le fou...

Postcard images which, despite everything, still remain.

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A collection in reference to the time when the Côte d'Azur (50's and 60's) was a meeting place for many artists of painting, sculpture, literature, music and cinema.

A paradise of freedom and creativity, a mixture of parties and unbridled creations like the inventiveness of the De Noaille couple and their surrealist friends of the time. Boris Vian, Juliette Gréco, Picasso, Fernand Léger, Chagall, Matisse, Paul Signac, Jean Cocteau, Louis Bunuel, Colette, Françoise Sagan, Roger Vadim, Jacques Demy, Simone Signoret, Brigitte Bardot...

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The colours of the threads are a combination of very bright rainbow and pastel colours. To create this range, we drew our inspiration from Folon, Matisse, Signac and David Hockney. They know how to convey the sky, the summer light, the water of the swimming pools, the sun and the freedom like no other.

Let's dive with delight into the embroidered pleasures of summer.

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Our refs :

New Wave films : La piscine, Et dieu créa la femme, Pierrot le fou, La baie des Anges.

The experimental films shot by the pool of the Villa de Noailles with Cocteau, Bunuel

the painters who made the legend of the Côte d'Azur: Matisse and his house in Nice, Folon, Fernand Leger, Signac, Cocteau, Chagall...

Picasso spent his life between creation and humour in his villa 'La Californie', with Jacqueline and a goat that he took for walks like a dog and that he ended up sculpting.

The maeght foundation, the Sospir villa, the Carmignac villa under the parasol pines of Porquerolles island..

and always...

Macon&Lesquoy created "luxury" and offbeat details, with humour, love and poetry, against a world that is standing to attention.

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To Byzance for the DA, to Pierre Girardin for the photos, to Nans Pera for the video, to Jeanne Calen and Léonora Saabye for their beauty, to Angelina Bergese for the MUHA, to Caroline Perdrix/Barta Studio for the style.

We would like to thank this perfect team, who, between their desire to do well and the pleasure of the result, gave us a great time.

Thank you to our great team in Granville and Paris who work with us every day to make new collections happen.

Thanks to AJP for their protean help (!).

Thanks to our families and clients who support us all the time, and who make it so much fun to design for !!!



A big thank you to the brands who trust us by lending us accessories and clothes for the shooting: Double Double, Ysé, Pataugas, La Botte Gardiane, Repetto.

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