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LONDON F/W 2023-24

is a collection designed in Frenglish and inspired by the so traditional and so crazy Great Britain.

We pay homage to that special world to which we feel so close.

Our embroideries emerge from this mixture of aristocracy and a good dose of the humour known as nonsense, that authentic jewel in the crown found in Monty Python, Mr Bean, P.G. Wodehouse, Stephen Fry and Nick Park.


Inspired by British chic, a surprising mix of old-fashioned classicism and unbridled transgression, we offer you the essential items of the gentleman and the gentlewoman: bowler hat, gloves, top hat, bow tie, umbrella.

They are embroidered on top of the original models, a mise en abîme that we like at M&L.

"My Taylor is rich". How can you miss the fetish objects of the city’s couturier?

Scissors, iron... retro objects that we will love to wear with contemporary clothes.


The British are not exempt from the turmoil of the English Channel and the wrath of France!

It’s the same weather as in Normandy: the fog fades when 
the rain arrives and vice versa (dixit "Asterix in Britain").


It’s teatime my Dear!
The inevitable five o’clock ceremony becomes a moment of adventure with the galleon setting sail in a cup of tea and a teapot running away.

To accompany your tea, you can have a small sandwich, the invention of an 18th century English lord who, according to legend, wanted to eat without interrupting his endless card games.

As for breakfast, this savoury breakfast is well worth wearing an egg and bacon on your jacket, in homage to this delicious and so British custom.

We also embroidered the memory of jelly for desert with our English correspondents, wobbly and magnificent in its perfection.


Pub signs have amused and inspired us with their improbable associations of objects and animals.

These settings are often references to English culture.

‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ is a poem by Edward Lear, ‘Elephant and Castle’ is a London borough, but the octopus man and the fox on a bus are invented by our own unhinged minds.

Once past the sign, you enter the Pub where THE pint with crisps and THE game of darts await you.


Great minds think alike... at Highgate Cemetery!

Abandoned for a time to nature and then patiently taken over by the "Friends of Highgate" and local volunteers, we wandered around with Simon, our guide, who told us fantastic stories about this place inhabited by the famous dead, eccentric monuments, trees and spirits.

A delightful gothic stroll.

In this theme coming back from the past, we called upon Shakespeare and his characters: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet...


Yes, we know, it doesn’t go together!

But Punks are not dead, because it is above all a state of mind, an eternal rebellious adolescence.

The English punks, particularly demonstrative, very creative, have deeply inspired the fashion world.

At M&L, we have been embroidering safety pins since the beginning as a tribute to these intriguing often crested beings.


Psychedelics are being reborn in the UK.

The spirit is creative, decompartmentalised thanks to psychotropic substances.

The desire to 
live on the margins of a globalised world is still present.

The seeds sown in the 60’s and 70’s have sprouted and grown.

We met English people who are exploring other ways of thinking, of living, of inhabiting, in search of parallel worlds, attics of the mind (or cellars? it depends) and dance that rejuvenates.


To Olivia Frémineau for photo, to Nathalie Croquet for video, to Esther Smets for her freshness and her accent, to Chloé Briand for the MUAH, to Elissa Castelbou for the style.
We had a lot of fun! And we worked well too!

Thanks to our great team in Granville and Paris who work with us every day to make new collections.
Thanks to AJP for their protean help (!).
Thank you to our families and our clients who continually support us and who make it so much fun to design for.



A big thank you to the brands that trust us by lending us accessories and clothes for the shoot: this season: Leo Walk in Paris.